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Uchenna & Ike – Mcloone’s boathouse Engagement Session

We love all of our clients, But some develop into real friendship as the case with these two amazing people. I was so taken back by their chemistry. It seemed as though they always knew what the other was thinking. And they were impressed by my knowledge and love for the Nigerian culture. Our instant bond made it easy for the couple to open up to me about how they met. check out their photos and love story.

Ike caught Uchenna’s eye at a party but she never said anything to him. after reviewing the party photos online she realized they had a few friends in common. She decided to inquire. Ike caught wind of the inquiry and jumped right into action. He sent a message to her facebook inbox ” Do I know you?”. To him, the best pick up line ever, but left her thinking “what a weirdo!”. Lucky for Ike, his game was strong and he was able to recover. Over time, those messages would turn into phone calls and they would eventually spend time together. Uchenna was impressed by Ikes’ chivalrous acts and the attention he paid to her. Ike was enchanted by Uchenna’s beauty, the glint in her eyes when she smiled and focus towards completing her studies. Over the course of 5+ years, they fostered a relationship that would lead them to this moment.

Uchenna + Mark's Engagment Session @ Mcloone’s boathouse


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